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After many years in this industry I have always been frustrated at the length of time it takes to break down pallets of plasterboard to make up orders.   Two years ago I built a prototype wedge and straight away saw the tremendous advantages.   My staff love it, my customers love it and I love it.   We have now started to produce our Easy Wedge for general sale to other builders merchants and distributors of plasterboards.   All details can be viewed on this website but you are welcome to contact me for further information.   Please feel free to tell others that you feel would benefit from the wedge.   I look forward to hearing from you.

The success of the EasyWedge Mk I allowed the development of the Mk II. This wedge is designed to withstand much harder wear. Its durability is essential in the hard workplace of a plasterboard warehouse. The comments received back from customers were all of the same nature, that a “harder” wedge was essential for the product’s growth. Obviously the Mk I wedge has been put through its paces and therefore requires a much more substantial material. The Mk II is now ready for release on the marketplace, I will always welcome feedback on the wedge, so feel free to contact me. I do hope that the Mk II is everything you aspire it to be.

I am proud to now announce the launch of the MK III. After hearing feedback from our customers we decided to change the colour of the wedge to a highly visible yellow. This has been welcomed by health and safety officers who mention the wedge in their reports on merchants. It was also decided to create integrated lifting handles in the wedge to allow the user to carry the from the side or back using just one hand. Easy wedge is now exporting to other countries apart from the UK. Its international customers include Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Sweeden and Australia. We are looking to create partnerships with distributors in other countries so if you are interested then please get in touch.

Robert Pickard

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